meet jen

photographer   •   web developer   •   dog mom

Jen is an East Coast transplant, born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. After attending college at both Penn State and Millersville University, Jen spent a year living in snowy Montana with her better half, Trevor, before relocating to the high deserts of New Mexico to attend graduate school at the University of New Mexico.

Though her education is in business management, Jen currently works as a Wordpress developer for Cornershop Creative. If you're a non-profit or cause based business looking for a web upgrade, they are totally your people. Just tell them that Jen sent you.

In addition to building websites, Jen also works as a photographer in New Mexico and beyond. Her passions include documenting your special events, from company parties to fundraising galas. She's even known to photograph a wedding from time to time.

With the time she has left in her schedule, you will find Jen across the internet as Sunlight & Air, a brand focused on telling the story of how having a chronic illness can help you to build a beautiful life. In 2014, Jen underwent a ten hour neurosurgery for a condition called Chiari Malformation - she had to have part of her brain removed and her head fused to the upper levels of her spine. The following year, she had a second surgery to address a tethered spinal cord. Jen is passionate about the community of young people, especially women, thriving through chronic illness and you can find her telling her story as a #schwinnambassador and on Painiac the Podcast.

During her initial illness, doctors worried that Jen would be unable to remember the day to day moments of her life. As a natural born storyteller, she wasn't okay with that and began scrapbooking. As a former member of the Becky Higgins Creative Team, and a current member of the April Lilli Creative Team, you will also find occasional posts in this space on how to document your days with Project Life.

We hope you will stick around this space for gluten free recipes, fashion tips, information on essential oils, product reviews, and plenty of photos of Jen's very own fur babies - Miesha, T-Bone, and Bumper.

If you're interested in working with Sunlight & Air, please don't hesitate to contact Jen via the contact form or by emailing her directly at